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The doorway to your authentic translation

We don’t just translate, we go beyond the words to reach your perspective, view and insight.

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About us

Know more about Muradif

Who are we?
We are an accredited member of the Egyptian Translators & Linguists Association (ETLA) and a certified translation agency based in Cairo since 2018. Our team is expanding rapidly to include all the widely-spoken languages in the world. We work with clients and different projects inside and outside Egypt .

Why us

We choose every word wisely.

As a team, “Muradif” is expanding, as we don’t just translate we deliver your message even beyond words.

We’ve worked on changing some common translation titles that would change your idea about translation and ensure that you get the most precise outcome.

Our vision
To become the most distinguished translation agency in the world.
Our mission
To handle every client and document with the utmost care.
“Muradif” is a well-chosen word for a well-chosen translation.
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Our services

What we provide

Translation is more than changing words, it is a bridge between different people and cultures, that’s why at “Muradif” we are proud to bring you the best translation services in the market


A good translation exudes empathy and doesn’t just transfer the meanings of the words.

At “Muradif” we offer you that good translation, we focus on the process of “trans creation”, we convey the words, the message and the sensation of  the source language to the target language.


Audio transcription is the process of converting audio, podcast, or speech into written words.

The service of audio transcription has been highly recognized in recent years because of the help it offers to people with special needs and in environments with a slow internet connection, also in translating documents to non-native speakers.


We can translate your script, add subtitles and captions to your video and do a lot more.

Our work includes different types of formats, like SSA, SRT, SBV, TTML

At “Muradif” we offer the best quality subtitles for your videos. Our texts are flawless and readable and we ensure that text matches the dialogue and doesn’t exceed a single line.

Our specialization

We are specialized in the translation of different subjects

Muradif delivers the most cost-effective high quality translation to your desk.

Our numbers expand over the years

In less than three years our agency has completed a numerous number of different translations and transcriptions, our work helped and supported a lot of organizations inside and outside Egypt.


Happy customers


Translated pages


Transcripted audio hours


Subtitled hours


What our awesome clients say about us

“I’m writing this recommendation in behalf of PR Knowledge Research to express our gratitude for the continuous support & commitment you have shown during the last three years. Your efforts, dedication along with your collaboration is very much appreciated by the team.
Good luck with our new challenges & looking forward to continue our fruitful partnership in the near future.”

Mohamed Genena
Managing Director, Primary Research

“Excellent quality …
Highly committed …
Remarkably reliable people …”

Yara Ashraf
Field Supervisor, Infomine Market Research

“I have worked with Muradif for more than 5 months in translation and transcription projects in both Arabic and English languages, they showed excellent time and project management.
Muradif is the professional place when it comes to dealing with tight deadlines and client comments, and the quality of their work speaks for itself.
In addition, the team has the sense to understand the project’s requirements and assigns the best team accordingly.”

Samar Samir
Public Health Consultant, IQVIA

“As international market research agency dealing with clients from other languages, I find my field requires delivering the most accurate results to my clients along with professional attitude and punctuality ...
I can say; working with “Muradif is providing me this combination that I need, the eloquent context with accuracy…
Thanks “Muradif” and keep the good work on.”

Hany Edrees
Managing Director, Decode Research & Logistics

“I wanted to drop you a note to express my personal gratitude for the effort and efficiency which YOU and YOUR esteemed team are putting into the work.
There were several points where you showed amazing skills, like; organizing, professional & meeting timelines.
Thanks a million and keep it up“

Mohamed Farouk
Founder & CEO, Findings Research

“Muradif is a place where you find high skilled people with personal, ethical & professional values.
These qualities ensure that you will find support and trust.
At Muradif, complicated tasks and situations are handled without compromising, which makes the place literally unique.
Everyone takes the responsibility of their tasks at hand and all the team members are active and well-organized.
I recommend Muradif for projects that need quality & timely delivery and my word of advice is “Do not hesitate to contact them”.

Naveed Khan
Chief Executive Officer, Four Corners Research
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